Stephen lives in the South Capital neighborhood with his wife, Joyce Kilmer, who manages the state's prekindergarten program for young children living in poverty. They have two grown daughters and have a hard time taking a photo where they are all facing the same direction.

Since choosing to move to Olympia 35 years ago, Stephen has devoted himself to public service. He has held Washington state government positions as Assistant Director for Housing, Managing Director for Community Development and Executive Director of the Rural Development Council. In the 1980's, he directed the Farm and Community Council, a non-profit that provided technical assistance to small farmers and expanded acreage devoted to commercial farming in Thurston County by 14%.

Stephen was elected to the Olympia City Council in 2009. At his first council meeting, he led the charge to return the height limits on the isthmus to 35 feet, a goal he stated in his campaign. In April, 2010, he was chosen by his fellow council members to serve as Mayor Pro Tem (Deputy Mayor).

Stephen holds a bachelor's degree in political economy and a master's degree in Public Administration. He teaches classes such as Local Government at The Evergreen State College. He was a 2005 graduate of the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

He has volunteered for local non-profits such as the Dispute Resolution Center and Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB). He helped arrange financing for the Westside Olympia Food Co-op, and was active in the Westside Neighborhood Association during that time.

He is passionate about urban gardening and demonstrates that you can grow a lot of organic fruit and vegetables on a small city lot.          Facebook:            Phone: (360) 918-1745