Endorsements from co-workers at Community, Trade, and Economic Development

Open Letter to The Olympian; Tuesday, October 18, 2011
(Published in The Olympian; Saturday, October 29, 2011)

I have never written to the Olympian Editor before but felt a compelling need to let everyone know that Stephen Buxbaum is the right person you need to have as the Olympia City Mayor due to his experience and qualifications.

When I was the Director of Human Resources for the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development, I got to work directly with Stephen for over five years. We had an extremely complex human resource case that required Stephen's leadership. Our case could have easily taken a different course but because of Stephen's due diligence and trust he placed with me as the subject matter specialists, we prevailed in every case.

I personally experienced Stephen outstanding qualities. He listened to understand. He wasn't quick to judge or comment until he thoroughly understood the situation. He asked great questions and provided great ideas. Throughout the process, I saw how compassionate Stephen was about people and was instinctively fair. He could have taken the hard line at any time, but instead, he chose to be respectful and transparent.

Stephen has proven experience in many areas with people/employees, budget and community outreach. He has a lot of energy with a can-do attitude. He is also a person with integrity, a thoughtful problem solver, and a doer.

As Mayor of Olympia, Stephen's leadership skills and personal attributes will make a positive difference in this city.

Lena Beach
Former Director of Human Resources, CTED


Open Letter to The Olympian; Monday, October 17, 2011
(Published in additional on-line letters; Friday, October 21, 2011)

I believe that Stephen Buxbaum is an excellent choice for Mayor of Olympia. As a former colleague and subordinate of Stephen's for approximately 7 years, at CTED, I watched as Stephen thoughtfully and strategically developed a vision. As part of his team, I then witnessed and participated in systematically developing the goals, establishing key relationships and successfully implementing a comprehensive and effective set of programs that impacted and supported many citizens in the state of Washington. My experience with Stephen is that he is a highly intelligent, respectful, supportive person deeply committed to public service. Given my experience, I believe Stephen Buxbaum would be an exceptional Mayor for the City of Olympia.

Lisa Vatske


Letters to the Editor; The Olympian; Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buxbaum's leadership needed now

I worked with Stephen Buxbaum for years at the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development and wholeheartedly support him for Olympia City Council knowing three things: He really understands community development; he works hard and makes thoughtful, systems-level decisions; and he is fair.

Buxbaum has wide and deep experience with many aspects of community development — housing, services, infrastructure, business and governance — and he has helped cities put these pieces together many times, creating or maintaining healthy and vibrant places for people to live, work and play. He gets it. He actually has done it. Bringing people together and improving how systems work are the difficult roads less traveled. As a result of his professional career so far, Washington communities will benefit for generations to come.

Buxbaum is fair. As a union steward for employees working under his management, I can attest that he helped unwind gnarly problems, again not taking the easiest road but respectfully participating in solutions that worked all around.

I'm writing because I live just outside city limits and love Olympia and the South Sound region. I can see that Stephen Buxbaum's leadership is needed now. The quality of our future depends on it.

Julie Baker


Letters to the Editor; The Olympian; Saturday, October 25, 2009

Buxbaum will use public funds wisely

Stephen Buxbaum is an excellent public servant.

Buxbaum and I worked for the same state agency.

Buxbaum was the assistant director of the Housing Division while I was the organization's chief financial officer. I learned first-hand of his commitment and abilities

He is extremely competent in financial management. He is creative and works to meet multiple interests and needs with a very limited budget.

Stephen understands budget issues and he can make tough decisions after hearing from and listening to citizens.

Buxbaum is a collaborator. He actively seeks to learn about and understand the needs of various interest groups and he works to achieve consensus.

Buxbaum remains open to alternatives even when the discussion among competing groups becomes heated.

I watched him build an outstanding and successful organization.

He dealt with all issues, including those he inherited from others, and resolved them promptly.

Plus, he installed good business practices to ensure past problems would not recur.

Buxbaum did this while focusing on the cautious use of the taxpayers' dollars.

Stephen Buxbaum is what Olympia needs. He will support citizens and ensure the public is heard.

Dana Broderson McInturff,

Email:stephen@stephenbuxbaum.org          Facebook: facebook.com/stephen.buxbaum1            Phone: (360) 918-1745