Friends of the Waterfront
Olympia, Washington

Video of the Senate Hearing on Senator Karen Fraser's Bills to Save the Isthmus Views

Here's the video of the Senate's Thursday afternoon hearing on SB5799 and SB5800, which would declare the Olympia isthmus a shoreline of statewide significance and keep building heights there low. (The clip looks as if it runs two hours, but it's actually set up to start playing an hour into the hearing, when the committee got to these bills. To skip sections, you can drag your cursor along the timeline at the bottom, watching the timecode that appears above the cursor, and click when you get to the point that you'd like to jump to.)

Please help save the spectacular view from the State Capitol and the Law Officers' Memorial. Call the free Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message with them asking your legislators and the governor to support Senate Substitute Bill 5800. (The hotline staff will do the rest - sending your message on to the right state senator, your two state representatives, and the governor.) Please send this request on to anyone else around the state that you think might care about this issue!

Click here to get an email addressed to the legislators who might matter most in deciding on these bills. And click here to get a message you can send on to people around the state, asking them to help support these bills.